Boddie-Noell Improves Loss Prevention, Operations and Profitability with Envysion

March 13, 2018

World’s largest Hardee’s® franchisee gains unprecedented visibility into their 330+ restaurants to reduce loss and improve performance.

Boddie-Noell Improves Loss Prevention, Operations and Profitability with Envysion

You don’t grow to become one of the largest restaurant chains in the country without a commitment to operational excellence and customer service. So, when the warranty on their existing video system began to expire, Boddie-Noell decided it was time to reevaluate its approach to video.

Boddie-Noell wanted a solution that would not only create a secure environment for employees and customers, but that would also give management insight into the performance of their 330+ restaurants. In addition, Boddie-Noell wanted a managed solution that would allow them to spend less time maintaining cameras and DVRs and more time improving their business.

The Envysion Solution

Using Envysion, Boddie-Noell is able to track and reduce high-risk transactions indicative of fraud, such as small dollar transactions and excessive voids. In addition, Boddie-Noell’s management can leverage the Envysion solution to review key sales and customer service indicators for individual cashiers, including below average receipt totals or tickets open for an extended period of time. With better insight into both the top and bottom line, Boddie-Noell expects to increase average check amount and reduce fraudulent transactions to drive overall profitability.

“Envysion® gives us unprecedented visibility into our restaurants so we can quickly identify and correct issues that impact performance. We anticipate a significant cash impact in each restaurant every month.” — Josh Frazier Divisional Asset Protection Manager Boddie-Noell Enterprises Hardee’s

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