Managed Video Can Help Restaurants Work Smarter

December 30, 2020

QSR December 2020 Issue. From security to hygiene, smarter video boosts business results.

“Restaurants have always been tasked with managing many competing concerns, but now the stakes are higher than ever. Not only must leaders contend with labor, customer service, loss prevention, and safety, but now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they must also manage a growing list of health and safety guidelines. Yet managers—particularly at the district, franchise, and corporate levels—can’t observe every employee or store at once.

Just ask Dan Lieberman, a member on the board of the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association and director of loss prevention at Southeast QSR LLC, which operates 204 franchised Taco Bell locations in the Southeastern U.S. With a large portfolio of stores spread across many states, it was challenging for Lieberman and his team to visit and assess each location.”

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