Envysion Advisory Board: Driving Innovation in the Restaurant Industry with Video and Data-Backed Operational Excellence

Envysion Advisory Board

The Envysion Advisory Board combines a group of thought leaders to help us shape the future of the restaurant industry and the role technology plays in solving problems that restaurants face. The main purpose of the Envysion Advisory Board is to provide advice and feedback from industry experts about operational excellence backed by video and data.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of the following industry experts:

Jon Aiello and Kris Moeller from Flynn Restaurant Group; Dave Harris from Shake Shack; Minh Le from Checkers & Rally’s; Josh Phillips from Chipotle; Brad West from Noodles; Chris Bain from Franchise Management Investors and Michael Simmons from WKS.

We look to our customers for their expertise and experience as we grow and expand. Their advice has been invaluable and we are hoping to make advancements that will enable our customers to operate more efficiently. We are grateful for the wealth of knowledge our Advisory Board offers.

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