Envysion + Avigilon Alta Joining Forces

Avigilon Alta Access Control

A Powerful Duo for Secure Access and Solving for Safer Everywhere

Avigilon and Envysion, both operating under Motorola Solutions Inc., are collaborating to improve security throughout the restaurant, convenience store, and retail industries. Avigilon, known for its cloud-based solutions, provides advanced access credential management and touchless entry through its Alta Access Control

When coupled with Envysion’s Managed Video Solution, this powerful integration brings easy-to-access video to Alta Access Control events. Located within the Envysion application, customers can view video footage of Alta Access events, such as someone accessing a door, giving them the visibility to know who and when someone is entering the establishment. 


About Avigilon’s Alta Access Control

Alta Access Control is an innovative solution that allows users to enter buildings with touchless mobile credentials. With fully remote access management, cloud-based software gives admins 24/7 visibility on any device. The keyless system is easy to install, offers unlimited integration capabilities, and scales effortlessly to address modern security challenges as they arise.

This integration takes security to the next level. Envysion’s managed video software complements Alta Access Control by providing data access across all locations through a simple mobile interface. With this integration, Alta Access Control and Envysion are enhancing the future of security, ensuring businesses have a streamlined experience.