Redwood Oil and Envysion: Transforming Convenience Stores into Culinary Hubs with Cutting-Edge Technology

Redwood convenience store

Envysion is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Redwood Oil Company, a convenience store based in northern California, with 24 locations.  Recognizing the evolving needs of their patrons, Redwood Oil embarked on an ambitious project to expand and refresh their stores. Through their innovative concept, Redwood Market, they have transformed their locations into hubs of delicious food and shopping convenience. The newly expanded stores showcase a diverse selection of food, beverages, and general merchandise, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

One of the standout additions to the Redwood Market concept is Aztec Grill, a made-from-scratch taqueria established in 1995. This culinary gem was created to meet the demand for fresh, on-the-go food options for their customers. The success of Aztec Grill has been nothing short of remarkable, with 17 taquerias now operating within Redwood Oil stations. They sell just under 1 million burritos annually, from the beautiful city of Santa Rosa, all the way to the Oregon border.

Impressed by Envysion’s cutting-edge technology and its potential to maximize their operations, Redwood Oil added the managed video and loss prevention software to one location as a pilot.. The results were impressive, leading them to quickly roll out the software solution to their remaining 23 locations. Envysion’s Managed Video Solution is a secure, accessible, and easy to use tool, revolutionizing the way Redwood Oil manages and monitors its locations.

Redwood Oil utilizes the comprehensive Reports, powered by Data Integration. The Envysion Reports generated by the integration to Verifone’s POS data provide data-driven decisions allowing for optimized operations.  Additionally, they recognized the great potential of Cloud Storage, a long-term video storage. By leveraging this feature, Redwood Oil can free up valuable space on their network video recorder, ensuring maximum storage capacity in the cloud. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes risk and liability, safeguarding their business interests.

“We’re proud to have Redwood Oil Company as a valuable partner, and we’re fully committed to providing them with top-notch service and unwavering support,” declares Mateo Zunica, Account Executive at Envysion. The entire Envysion family warmly welcomes Redwood Oil, eager to embark on a journey of collaboration and mutual success.