Hardee’s Franchisee Employs Envysion to Curtail Fraud and Increase Store-Level Profitability

March 15, 2018

Envysion’s Restaurant Solutions Suite provides OTAC, Inc. with unfiltered access into store operations

OTAC’s Challenge

In 2010, OTAC, a model Hardee’s® franchisee with 21 locations throughout the Northwest, was concerned that procedure and policy violations could be eroding profits and tarnishing the company’s high quality standards. Wanting to better understand store operations, OTAC investigated upgrading its video system from one designed for security and deterrence to a system that would provide additional valuable comprehensive information.

Managed Video as a Service

Seeking an easy to use video surveillance tool that would help operators understand where problem areas existed, OTAC decided to deploy the Envysion managed video solution and reports with POS integration. By giving OTAC a robust set of reports and alerts designed to drive loss prevention and compliance efforts, Envysion was able to:

  • Provide powerful search capabilities with instant drill down to relevant video and associated transaction data
  • Integrate video with OTAC’s POS system to drive loss prevention efforts and operational improvements
  • Generate exception-based reports to highlight suspicious activities
  • Provide alerts to OTAC management of potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons

“With Envysion Insight we have already identified and curtailed several incidents of fraudulent transactions and procedure violations that were costing us money.” — Fred Mattes, Director of Physical Facilities

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