Managed Video

security camera inside restaurant

Transforming Your Restaurant: The Power of Strategic Security Camera Placement and Envysion’s Software

As a seasoned quick-service restaurant (QSR) operator, you are aware of the significance of investing in security cameras for your establishment. Utilizing surveillance cameras to their fullest potential, in conjunction with managed video, can transform them into a multifaceted asset … Read More

3 cars in the drive-thru line

Drive-Thru Security Cameras: 4 Ways to Improve Your Camera Investment

As a restaurant manager, you understand having a quick and efficient drive-thru experience is critical to making your guests happy and your business successful. You know that every second counts in your drive-thru. You also know that it’s difficult to … Read More

Smart Site Protection

Reduce False Alarm Fees with Human Detection and AI Technology

Smart Site Protection is a smart alarm service that assists quick-service restaurants to quickly identify and confirm theft or irregular nightly activity. … Read More

Man servicing a camera

Improve Security Cameras in Restaurants and Convenience Stores: System Health

In September 2022, Envysion launched a new feature, System Health, alerting admin users when cameras or DVR’s go offline, disconnect, or need urgent attention. … Read More