Cinemark Simplifies Fraud and Loss Prevention Investigations with Envysion

Movie theater, loss prevention


Leading U.S. and Latin American movie theater operator Cinemark has announced its adoption of Envysion Managed Video Solution to ramp up its fraud and loss prevention efforts across its expansive portfolio of theaters and entertainment complexes.

The company currently owns and operates 340 theatres in 41 states and 201 theatres in 15 Latin American countries, making it one of the world’s leading motion picture and entertainment exhibition companies. Leveraging Envysion’s cloud-based platform gives loss prevention leaders and theater general managers unprecedented visibility into the individual location’s operations to help stamp out fake refunds, deleting items from a transaction, fake couponing, or abusing pass keys to override or substitute for a money sale.

Envysion’s high-definition cameras and easy access from any connected device makes it easier to quickly identify and isolate specific transactions and the employees who handled them. The system also features a variety of alerts that give managers across the 100+ theatres where video surveillance has been installed a reliable means of notification whenever potentially fraudulent transactions do occur — especially in venues with unique layouts or those with food and alcoholic beverage services.

“Before Envysion, we didn’t have good tools in place that people could use with confidence,” says Patrick Burns, Director of Loss Prevention for Cinemark Incorporated. “Now, we have better operational control, lower risk, and less loss because Envysion alerts us to transactions that could qualify as concerning. We’re able to review those transactions immediately begin an appropriate investigation and we’ve seen evidence that there’s a direct correlation between how much we use Envysion and how often we’re able to uncover loss events that previously may have flown under the radar.”

About Cinemark, Incorporated

Cinemark Holdings, Inc. is a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry with 546 theatres and 6,048 screens in the U.S. and Latin America. The company has ranked first or second by box office revenues in 20 of the top 25 U.S. markets and features one of most geographically diverse circuits of any entertainment exhibition company in Latin America. Cinemark was founded in 1984 and employs approximately 20,000 workers worldwide. www.cinemark.com

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