Expert Technical Support with Envysion: A Key to Being a Top Provider in Managed Video and Loss Prevention

Envysion’s Technical Support (TS) provides world class support and service to our customers in order to continue being a top provider in managed video and loss prevention. The team handles all the incoming calls, follows up with customers on existing issues, and responds via chat support. Our TS can diagnose and help customers fix everything from offline cameras, troubleshooting EnVR issues and offering a solution to many other issues. Head of the TS, Boyang Xia, says that the focus is on troubleshooting, finding issues quickly and looking at and understanding things from our customer’s perspective.

The team of 35 handles a broad scope of responsibilities. Customers can easily contact the TS via our Report a Problem tool inside the platform or using the live chat. The Report a Problem tool sends the information given to our technical support team to troubleshoot problems. Live chat is the quickest way to solve an issue. The wait time for live chat is usually less than 1 minute!

The TS team works closely with the Solution Delivery team and the Customer Success Managers. We have experts that can handle any situation. Our incredible supervisors, Connor Ingram, Troy Rodriguez and Dat Tu, do an outstanding job leading the team.

Our TS team members love connecting with our customers and building relationships for a positive Envysion experience. Michael Johnson, Technical Support Representative, recently worked with a customer who was dealing with a technical issue. Michael worked with the customer to truly understand the root of the issue, assisted them with hardware options and helped to eliminate unnecessary added third party costs. Michael said, “We gave them options to remove the technical issues, they were happy about the outcome and the savings in unnecessary costs”!

Eric Tanguay, Technical Support Representative, had a conversation recently with one of our valued customers, “It was memorable because they opened up to me and I saw a side of them that I had not seen before. They said they appreciated my empathy and working with them through their questions and felt like I treated them as a friend!”

Exciting things are ahead for the team and our customers as we continue to build out our Knowledge Centered Service (KCS), managed by Nick Anderson. Implementing this service means everyone on the team will be able to contribute their knowledge, in real time, to better support customers. Knowledge about a new issue will be shared as soon as a resolution is found. The KCS is a more efficient way for both our team and customers to find success for a better customer experience.

The Technical Support team is constantly improving their skill set to better assist customers and troubleshoot problems. Boyang says, “The more we can automate and help our customers fix small issues themselves, the better our services become. Customers don’t have time to sit on hold, we want to make these fixes as quick and easy as possible and being part of a large company like Motorola Solutions will help us accelerate these plans.”