Woman's hands on a laptop keyboard as the sun rises.

5 Restaurant Exception Reports to Review Daily

Any good business owner knows the basic data points driving the successes of their business: ‘What are our total sales?’ ‘What are our costs in labor?’ ‘Where are our profit margins in food and products?’ Getting answers to these questions … Read More

Cashier and customer at restaurant

Train Restaurant Employees With Video: 5 Reasons Why

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has seen an exorbitant amount of change. Now, many restaurants are faced with the overwhelming task of filling many different positions. This drastic need for qualified help highlights how crucial new hire training … Read More

Reopen a restaurant with clean tables.

3 Tips On How To Reopen A Restaurant After COVID 19

The pandemic has lessened, but no restaurant looks the same in its wake. Many well-known chains have closed permanently, while others have decreased their physical footprint and menu items. Any fast-casual restaurant still standing has had to update its operational … Read More

Product team brings tools to help during shutdown and reopening

An important part of a Product Management team’s role is to recognize customer requirements and translate business needs into product solutions. During this global health crisis, I have heard first-hand of customers’ new challenges relating to business conditions. Many of … Read More

It’s All About The Team

Customer Support can be a tricky department to manage, and December 2019 was no exception. With a percentage of our customer base affected by a system outage, Mark’s team was put to the test with response rates shooting up from … Read More