Fast Casual

Fast-casual employee with a positive attitude

Building a Positive Fast-Casual Restaurant Culture for Improved Retention

What exactly is workplace culture? Fast-casual restaurant employee culture is demonstrated in many ways: the cleanliness and order of your restaurant, an employee’s appearance, personality, and how they interact with peers, management, and customers. Is it possible for a positive … Read More

quick service restaurant worker leaning on the counter.

3 Questions Before Implementing a QSR Mystery Shopper Program

In recent years, we have adapted our restaurant operations by implementing new safety measures. As a result, several Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) managers have been contemplating the idea of utilizing a mystery shopper program to gauge their performance. Although restaurants are … Read More

Person using phone at their desk

Use Your Mobile Device to Watch Restaurant Security Footage

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone that allows them to access emails, podcasts, and even join video calls. However, did you know that your smartphone can also act as your eyes and ears for your establishment when you’re away, with … Read More

How Long Should Security Cameras Last for My Business?

Video security is a crucial backbone in restaurants and convenience store establishments. Managed video software helps with loss prevention, human resource, brand equity, operational excellence, and so much more. With that said, owners and operators rely on recorded or live … Read More

Woman's hands on a laptop keyboard as the sun rises.

5 Restaurant Exception Reports to Review Daily

Any good business owner knows the basic data points driving the successes of their business: ‘What are our total sales?’ ‘What are our costs in labor?’ ‘Where are our profit margins in food and products?’ Getting answers to these questions … Read More

Internal vs External Theft

What causes more damage to a retail operation, external (shoplifting/robbery) or internal (employee) theft? By a nearly 3-to-1 margin, retailers say that internal theft is more extensive than external theft at their establishments. Today, let’s take a look at loss … Read More

Cashier and customer at restaurant

Train Restaurant Employees With Video: 5 Reasons Why

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has seen an exorbitant amount of change. Now, many restaurants are faced with the overwhelming task of filling many different positions. This drastic need for qualified help highlights how crucial new hire training … Read More

Smart Site Protection

Reduce False Alarm Fees with Human Detection and AI Technology

Smart Site Protection™ is a smart alarm service that assists quick-service restaurants to quickly identify and confirm theft or irregular nightly activity. … Read More

Man servicing a camera

Improve Security Cameras in Restaurants and Convenience Stores: System Health

In September 2022, Envysion launched a new feature, System Health, alerting admin users when cameras or DVR’s go offline, disconnect, or need urgent attention. … Read More

Slip and falls are problems for restaurants

4 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in your Restaurant

Nothing can affect a restaurant owner’s business like injuries sustained on the job. Not only do slip and fall accidents leave you short of help, but you could also face litigation if the victim decides to take legal action. There … Read More