Having trouble deciding how to organize your store? Should you do it by device type (smartphones, tablets, etc), or by brand? Video analytics can help you understand what layouts work best for your customers. Modern video surveillance systems with on-board analytics can help you create the best customer experience—at every touch point—essentially giving your mobile retail location the opportunity to reinvent itself on the fly. By not only listening to customer feedback but also analyzing their traffic patterns and behavior, you will have the data you need to control everything a customer sees and experiences. This allows your professional retail specialists to engage customers in a hands-on environment where a transaction now includes education. Because you now have comprehensive data on how a customer experiences your stores, your sales professionals can provide real-world examples to customers when talking about accessories and devices.

A better wireless store experience

What parts of your retail experience can be improved by laying analytics over your video surveillance?

  • Smart design makes the physical environment of your retail operation much more pleasant and inviting for all demographics.
  • Understanding the customer experience allows you to display products in the context of their use. A streaming video device might be best demoed in a living room. Accessory themed areas can show off devices for music, fitness, home connectivity, etc. in unique environments that allow staff to tell stories and make suggestions instead of simply pushing cold sales.
  • Video analytics helps with transparency by ensuring that in-store displays are synced in real time with online information.

Video analytics helps identify the root causes of best and worst-performing stores.

One of the biggest benefits of video technology is the ability to figure out the root causes behind variations in performance across different stores. Because managers can monitor stores not only in real time but also across a sales season, they can gain different insights. Is your best-performing store generating more sales because it sees higher traffic, or does traffic flow and merchandise display make a difference?

Segment your stores for better performance.

A modern video analytics package can track the movements of customers down to a few feet. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to figure out where to display lucrative products or add-ons, or whether it makes sense to offer specific merchandise in a new location.

Customers want solutions, not transactions.

Smart electronics retailers are focused not just on the products they are selling but also on the lifestyle solutions that their products offer to consumers. It’s about making people’s lives better, easier and more engaging through the application of new technology.

As mobile devices have increasingly displaced personal computers as the focal point of people’s digital lives, retailers have been forced to adapt, focusing on apps, personalized customer service and customer loyalty, and operational changes in order to make customers’ lives easier. It’s about offering solutions to everyday problems. Most consumers already have a smartphone. But they may not know they can control their television from their phone, integrate it with a smart watch to track fitness issues, or navigate a foreign country while simultaneously managing their workload back home.

Once a wireless customer is in your store, you should give them space to learn, discover new ideas, socialize and be entertained according to their personal needs and lifestyle. That’s the customer experience they are seeking and it’s one that video analytics can help you achieve.