Envysion to leverage Galvanize workspace to help spur innovation and offer flexible work options for its Denver-based employees


Envysion announced today that it has joined Galvanize, a Colorado-based entrepreneurial ecosystem designed to support technology startups in the region. This collaboration highlights Envysion’s increased focus on its employees and its desire to encouraging greater innovation and collaboration among its employees and partners.

Envysion joined Galvanize to give employees greater exposure to collaborative opportunities, accessibility to education and community workshops; as well as provide a social environment that fosters innovation and an improved work/life balance through smart commuting.

Galvanize serves as an incubator of innovators in the Denver and Boulder technology arena, and we’re proud to be a part of this exciting growth. If we need access to new talent, or to brainstorm new technology ideas, we can find the right people in this dynamic environment.

Harry HollinesChief administrative officer & general counsel

“Galvanize provides a professional and dynamic environment where we can easily meet with customers, partners and vendors in the greater Denver Area,” added Matt Steinfort, CEO of Envysion. “The strategic location of our headquarters in Superior combined with the Galvanize work spaces in Denver and Boulder gives us access to a vast talent pool, workshops and additional professional development opportunities for our employees.”

About Galvanize

Galvanize is coalescing startup communities across the nation, through its three pillars: Capital, Community, and Curriculum. The integration and combination of these business lines authentically enrich a startup community. Through its community, Galvanize provides a unique space for new businesses to grow. The curriculum arm provides gSchool students the opportunity to begin as novices and graduate with the ability to be junior developers feeding the high demand in tech talent. Lastly, the capital branch provides seed funding to companies in the early stages of their business.

For more information, please visit http://www.galvanize.com


About Envysion

Envysion is a leading video-based business intelligence solutions provider that provides retail operators with instant and actionable insight and enabling them to increase profitability 10-15% through broad utilization of powerful video-based business intelligence. Envysion has transformed video surveillance into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights to users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. Envysion’s award winning platform quickly scales to 1,000s of locations and 10,000s of users without straining the IT department or network.