Seamless Communication Between IT and Security is Vital in Loss Prevention

Successful loss prevention neither starts nor ends solely in one department. You need to create an environment where your IT and security departments can work together seamlessly to reduce patron theft, employee theft and other losses that negatively impact your business.

Successful loss prevention often relies on seamless communication between your IT team and security. How do you get these departments on the same page?

Cross-training between departments

It can be difficult for an employee in the IT department to understand the issues that an employee in the security department might encounter and vise versa. However, every single employee within the organization should understand how each department needs to work together to prevent losses. One of the more effective ways to foster a “big picture” mindset in loss prevention is to encourage cross-training between divisions so that everyone can be on the same page.

Have employees from different departments spend time shadowing other employees who can teach them about the ins and outs of their particular department. You may even find that this practice leads to a reduction of redundancies, new ideas and fewer losses.

Spend more time working with IT

Your security teams likely already know the role that they play in loss prevention strategy, but is IT on board?

The 2015 Retail Theft Survey found that retailers with more than $1 billion in revenue only spend 8.3% of their IT budgets on loss prevention priorities. Further, while 100% of loss prevention professionals say that cashier monitoring is a priority in their CCTV usage, IT typically deprioritizes it, at 56% of the total budget. If you want your IT department to realign its priorities to focus more on loss prevention spend more time working with this important department to help them understand the organization’s goals and overall strategy.

Emphasize communication

Communication across departments is a simple concept, but it’s importance can’t be overstated enough. The loss prevention landscape is changing as new technology is introduced and the entire industry is shifting to focus more on business. But, how can you stress the importance of communication between your security teams and IT department? It doesn’t have to be overly complicated:

  • Hold regular meetings between departments and discuss strategy, goals and brainstorm ways to help departments work together.
  • Emphasize that new ideas are welcome from all personnel within the organization and make it known that taking ownership of these ideas can be a core part of an employee’s job.
  • Create an inter-organization email newsletter just for the security and IT teams. It’s an easy way to share information and can be one way to limit the amount of meetings you have to hold.

However you choose to increase communication between IT and security in your loss prevention game plan, try to keep it simple. These two departments can work quite well together, especially if you lay the groundwork.