There’s an old saying, “A workman is only as good as his tools.” In today’s increasingly challenging retail environment—one in which 4 out of 5 employees steal from their employers—loss prevention managers without a deep toolbox will find themselves woefully behind the curve. At Envysion, our offerings include the five most important tools every LP manager needs to ensure that profit trumps theft and fraud.


Remote Video Monitoring

If you can’t see it, chances are you’re not going to catch it. A recent report on retail crime speculated that only 1 in 46 perpetrators of employee theft are caught. By using modern video technology to remotely monitor stores—and let’s face it, theft rarely happens in plain view—LP managers can spot incidents of theft and fraud in real time and take immediate action.

"We can see things we were never able to see before. The video takes the question out of any claim. Everyone thinks twice about lying, We always go to the video." ~Bernie Quintero, Director of Operations, D-Carr Investments


Game Films

Remote, real-time video surveillance is just the beginning. Envysion’s cloud-based streaming and recorded video solutions enable managers to create web-based, highly searchable game films. Managers can search, share and store game films to quickly and accurately pinpoint theft and fraud.

Point-of-sale (POS) integration

Perhaps the sharpest tool in the box, video technology integrated with POS systems takes video intelligence from illumination to insight. When synchronized with transactional data, managers can view video in sync with high-risk transactions to quickly spot suspicious behavior.

Exception Reports

When Envysion intelligent video is integrated with POS system data, loss prevention managers are able to quickly generate customizable exception reports on high-risk activities such as low-dollar transactions, sweethearting, no-sales, voids and cash refunds—and then view and analyze the reports via easy-to-read dashboards.


“He said, she said” is not an effective way to stop employee theft. With Envysion video intelligence, the proof is in the pudding. With game films synched to transaction reports, long, drawn-out conflict resolution is a thing of the past.

Bernie Quintero, director of operations for KFC store owners D-Carr Investments sees Envysion as a key tool in his kit. “We can see things we were never able to see before,” Quintero says. “The video takes the question out of any claim. Everyone thinks twice about lying. We always go to the video.”

Isn’t it time you brought your toolbox up to date?