If you own or manage one or more wireless retail locations, you know the importance of having visibility into your store operations. To achieve that, you probably employ some sort of mystery shopping service or technique which reports back an isolated perspective of an individual customer’s experience. However, there could be problems with this approach, both include information you’re receiving and in your ability to effectively measure, react and correct the results.

Quality and Quantity

The first thing to understand is the basic measure of quality and quantity.

The larger the quantity and the better quality of data you have, the more accurate the results of your analysis will be. If you’re trying to effectively judge the performance of your employees, you need more than just one person’s subjective opinion of a single experience on a random day. You need full visibility into every transaction, every day.

This visibility needs to be integrated with POS data so that you can see every keystroke filtered through powerful exception reporting tools to help you focus your energy on the moments that matter. Combining this with advanced analytics will provide a data-driven view into store performance, delivered via the cloud and is accessible through almost any internet-enabled device. Only video-driven business intelligence delivered by Envysion has that kind of power.

“We’re able to stop employees from making errors which can cost us thousands of dollars or cost us customers that can also translate to thousands of dollars.”

Rob Metzger, director of sales operations and business development at 4G Wireless.

4G Wireless is a perfect example. “We’re able to stop employees from making errors which cost us thousands of dollars—or that cost us customers, which translate to thousands of dollars. By helping close just a couple of sales or mitigating a couple of security issues, Envysion pays for itself in each store”, says Rob Metzger, director of sales operations and business development at 4G Wireless.

AT&T Portables, another very successful wireless retailer, has long been sold on the value of Envysion. They leverage the video-driven business intelligence that Envysion provides to gain real-time remote access to every transaction in every store. The results are increased sales, decreased theft and a long-term customer base. Needless to say, they are able to manage, monitor and measure multiple stores’ performance from anywhere. “We used to pick a store and spend most of our day there…now with the Envysion system we have the ability to be at all of our locations within seconds—and it’s real time,” says Attique Rasheed, head of training and operations for AT&T Portables.

Video-driven business intelligence from Envysion includes powerful exception reporting tools that enables managers at AT&T Portables to select certain criteria that lend themselves to identifying potential issues that would warrant further investigation. At the end of the day, footage and POS data can be pulled according to a preset range of criteria which allows AT&T Portables to refine their focus to the transactions and situations that are most likely to contribute to their management team’s objectives.