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Using Video Analytics to Improve Wireless Store Operations

By July 22, 2016 No Comments

You have policies and procedures in place for good reason: They reduce shrinkage and ensure your wireless retail stores are operating effectively and efficiently. You need to be able to actively identify and correct process and compliance issues and look for opportunities for continuous improvement before they become profit-impacting problems. But, you can’t be in all of your stores all of the time or watch hours and hours of surveillance video just to know what’s going on.

An advanced video intelligence solution can help by using video, audio, motion detection, reports, email alerts, and other features to give you the business insights you need to monitor and improve the performance of your stores. Let’s look at five areas in which a video intelligence solution can help you keep an eye on process efficiency and policy compliance:

1. Staffing. Knowing that you have the right number and level of employees in your stores at the right times starts by understanding the days and times when you have the most customer traffic. An advanced video intelligence solution can count the number of people entering and exiting your stores, and deliver regular reports directly to you so you can staff appropriately for peak traffic hours, and scale down when traffic typically slows.

2. Inventory. Inventory loss can be a big hit to your company’s profitability. Advanced video intelligence solutions use motion detection to capture video and audio of activity around your safe and inventory receiving/storage areas, and deliver reports and email alerts directly to you when activity takes place in those areas. You can then click through directly to video and audio clips to investigate further and take action, if needed.

3. Store Open/Close. Are displays set up/closed down correctly? Is the front door locked and unlocked at the correct time? Are employees in place and ready to serve customers when and where they should be? Using an advanced video intelligence solution, you can easily spot-check video and audio to identify employees who need additional training, and share video clips of employees following proper procedures as examples.

4. Clock-ins, Clock-outs. Monitoring clock-ins and clock-outs not only helps to identify employees who may need a refresher course in time clock procedures, but also may alert you to time clock fraud schemes that may be in the works. An advanced video intelligence solution can help you easily spot-check to ensure that the correct employee punched the time clock at the correct time, and then save video/audio clips when you find any behavior that needs to be addressed.

5. Marketing. Where do customers go when they enter your store? Are they being approached by employees once they enter? What displays or products are attracting customers’ attention? An advanced video intelligence solution can detect motion/capture video and audio in specified areas so you can see how employees and customers are behaving around displays, and then make adjustments as needed.

Today’s advanced video intelligence solutions give you easy access to the insights you need to identify procedural and compliance issues across all of your stores. For more information about how video intelligence can help you improve operations, read the Envysion Insights Video Intelligence Solution overview for wireless retailers.