Wireless retail is a high value and high volume market, making it crucial for store owners to optimize their loss prevention techniques in order to successfully grow their business. Operating a business includes many moving parts – making it difficult to monitor things like cash handling, employee performance, customer traffic and operational procedures. Not to mention keeping an eye on internal and external theft.

Using video management and surveillance video with motion search can help monitor store activity and track any potential safety or security threats to protect and grow your business. With Envysion’s cloud-based video surveillance and surveillance video software you can cover these top 10 high risk areas of wireless retail.  

The 10 High-Risk Areas of Wireless Retail

  1. The Safe  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory are stored in your safe everyday, making it crucial to have a good view to ensure that the inventory is secure at all times. Use surveillance video to make sure that inventory counts are scanned and entered instead of manually marked present, as well as motion search to monitor the cash till being put in safe at end of the day. In the event of a robbery or break-in, having proper video surveillance software can be a saving grace when helping authorities identify the thief. In addition to surveillance video, you can also use motion search to make sure the safe is closed and locked at all times when not in use.
Pro-tip: When installing your safe, make sure it follows your installation guidelines – we recommend installing the safe on your own interior wall.

  1. The Back Door 

Most thieves enter through the back door during robberies and break-ins. Proactively protect yourself against theft by using surveillance video software to make sure your back door is secure and never left propped open. Inspect maintenance issues or request to have an issue fixed if the backdoor isn’t functioning properly.

  1. The Back Room Entrance 

The back room should only be accessible to verified employees. Use surveillance video to make sure this policy is being followed and that the back room door is closed at all times. This will prevent thieves from being able to scope out your business or view the safe position and alternate exits. You can also use video surveillance software to inspect auto-close features if they are being used.

  1. The Employee Break-Room 

The employee break-room is a key area to monitor for general safety and business security as well as uncovering internal fraud. These cameras can also be used to review role playing and sales performance opportunities during meetings or training sessions.

  1. The Accessory / Phone Display 

A key area to monitor is the phone displays and accessories, which are often a hot-spot for thieves. In the event of stolen devices, you can use surveillance video footage to capture snapshots of criminals and protect your inventory. You can also use this footage to watch for marketing guideline compliance and demonstrations of key demo areas.

  1. A Door Frame Camera 

Door frame cameras can catch a great snapshot of someone who just stole from you.  By installing a camera on the door frame, it nearly guarantees you’ll get a good image of the thief since most thieves know not to look up at the ceiling cameras. Door frame cameras can also be helpful in addressing employee time theft – see employees leaving the store while still punched in.

  1. A View of Cash Drawer and Registers 

A view of the cash drawer and registers can help to monitor cash handling, deposits, transactions. You can inspect Activation Procedure Compliance as well as ensure that the correct items purchased were given to the customer. Use this surveillance video footage to identify coaching opportunities and best practices.

  1. The Cash Safe View 

Most retailers don’t use a cash safe that is only accessible by the bank pick up personnel, meaning some or all of the employees in the store can access the safe and therefore the cash. In the event of missing deposits or cash shortages, use surveillance video footage to see who accessed the safe to determine what happened.

  1. An Outdoor Camera 

Monitoring the outside of your store is just as important as being able to see the activity inside. In the event of a robbery or break-in, video surveillance software from outdoor cameras can capture footage of people, cars, and license plates to identify the criminal. Multiple cameras can cover the entire parking lot as well as the front and back door entrances.

  1. A Camera to Inspect Trade-in Process

Zoom in on the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and physical condition of devices to ensure your employees have reported the details accurately. With a managed video solution you can also use this video footage to correct employee behavior and ensure your guidelines are being followed.  Plus, dispute chargebacks by capturing video of your trade-in phones being processed and shipped.
Pro-tip: you can use this same camera view for cash reconciliation so you have close-up video of denominations and deposit writing to inspect accuracy.

With Envysion’s managed video solution and loss prevention expertise, you can count on the best protection for your wireless retail store.