Laura Veeder
Ops Audits Supervisor

Business owners know the importance of branding, customer experience, process compliance, and product quality. Whether you have one store or hundreds, it can be a serious challenge to make sure your customers are happy and your team is living the brand promise. Envysion’s Operations Audits ensure that your most important branding benchmarks are accounted for so that you can grow your business on a solid foundation.

It’s clear: when it comes to the strength of your brand, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Here are 5 ways that Envysion’s Operations Audits help protect it.


Increase customer trust.

Customer satisfaction is measured by a number of factors, and ensuring an excellent, consistent experience is among them. With Operations Audits, you can monitor employee/customer interactions so that you know where training opportunities exist. Operations Audits are also an excellent way to recognize star performers so that you can elevate their success and inspire the team.

Identify uniform compliance issues.

Everyone understands the importance of professionalism to a brand, but it can be a difficult thing to track. Operations Audits help keep you informed about any instances when employees are not following your uniform code, potentially damaging impressions of your business.

Avoid costly health code violations.

Health code violations are no joke, and they can cost your brand much more than a monetary fine. Customer trust is always impacted by a bad health code score, and rebuilding consumer confidence can be a long, difficult road. Catching potential code violations is an invaluable benefit of Operations Audits, and if you're not taking advantage of it, you'll eventually wish that you were.

Protect against fines.

Building a successful brand requires solid finances, and having to pay steep fines due to compliance issues is not the way to get there. For example, leaving a knife out in a food prep line might seem innocuous, but doing so at a restaurant in an airport terminal could cost you thousands of dollars in compliance fines. Operations Audits give you eyes dedicated to catching these issues before they damage your bottom line.

Ensure upsell performance.

The value of an upsell goes beyond the additional ticket total. Making sure your team is upselling can improve the customer experience and boost exposure to new products. Operations Audits combined with your audio installation will keep you apprised of your team's activity around upselling, and reduce the budget you spend on expensive secret shoppers.

Envysion’s Operations Audits are incredibly valuable to brands across multiple industries. Ask us about our flexible, á la carte pricing for customized audits that fit your specific business needs. We look forward to working with you.