Original KFC franchisee uses Envysion video solution to fend off theft, robbery, and frivolous lawsuits while improving employee engagement and training.


Whether it’s helping law enforcement apprehend serial criminals or just making sure food prep areas are clean and safe, Bacon Enterprises is happy to have Envysion Video Management Platform on board.

An original KFC franchisee, born from a handshake with Colonel Sanders himself, has enthusiastically announced its rollout of Envysion’s managed video and loss prevention solutions across its 13 Virginia and North Carolina locations.

“In this day and age, it’s impossible to effectively run a QSR business without a video system in place, but we wanted to make sure that any system we used was supported by KFC at the corporate level and within the franchise community,” Marcus Shelton, Bacon Enterprise’s owner says. “We participated in the proof-of-concept and got to see first-hand how seamlessly the Envysion Managed Video Solution worked with other leading loss prevention systems. Knowing that it was also supported by KFC and had a single point of contact for help desk support gave us the confidence to move forward with the purchase and installation.”

Envysion’s cloud-based video management system features an array of advanced capabilities such as custom motion recording that make it easy to zero in on specific movements or actions in high-value areas of the restaurant–an ideal setup for monitoring employee performance and for enhancing loss prevention measures. The system’s simple, yet secure remote access to live and recorded video streams from any computer or mobile device make it easy for Bacon’s leadership to evaluate employee interactions with customers in every store, monitor food prep and storage areas for safety compliance, and view 24/7 activity in dining areas and around the exteriors of the buildings.

Our stores are spread over a wide geographic area, which creates some obstacles to keeping employees trained on best practices, policies, and protocols. Envysion enables us to deliver initial and refresher training to every employee individually that would have required extensive travel and months to achieve in the past.

Marcus SheltonOwner of Bacon Enterprise

Keeping employees engaged and up-to-date on company policies helps Shelton foster a family-like atmosphere among his team. But beyond employee training and communications, Envysion also provides a layer of protection–for staff and patrons alike–that Bacon stores previously lacked. Since deploying the system, Shelton says his company has been able to stave off wrongful termination lawsuits, unwarranted unemployment claims, and have even helped the FBI apprehend a serial criminal whose crime spree spanned several counties across Virginia.

“Envysion has been a revelation for our business because we see everything and have concrete evidence to address a wide range of issues we couldn’t before,” Shelton says. “It’s not just a loss prevention tool; it’s our secret weapon in ensuring that our customers and employees have a safe, healthy environment they expect and the outstanding experience they deserve.”

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