Expanded support for HD Analog video systems gives business owners and operators more hardware options, greater value from managed video solution.


Envysion®, the leader in restaurant video solutions, has augmented its Managed Video Solution capabilities to support a wider range of camera systems, including High Definition (HD) Analog. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in accessing higher quality video and is now more widely available for businesses to use. HD Analog delivers a higher quality video playback and is more accessible for operators than Standard Definition (SD) Analog, resulting in more cost-effective and improved remote viewing experience and more efficient investigative processes.

Envysion’s Managed Video Solution empowers restaurant and retail owners and operators to become more engaged with their business operations by providing unfiltered remote visibility to store video from any web-ready device. The solution includes access to Envysion’s cloud-based managed video platform, complete with support services to ensure maximum up-time of hardware and a video recording system in each store location.

Currently, many restaurant franchisees and retail owner/operators choose Standard Definition (SD) Analog camera systems over Internet Protocol (IP) systems for monitoring their stores, compromising for lower quality audio and video in exchange for lower costs. Upgrading camera systems is traditionally an expensive process, requiring costly installation of new cabling and investments in new cameras, leaving many business leaders searching for other options to enhance their audio and video capabilities.

Thanks to newly available technologies, HD Analog systems deliver a balance of quality and value, enabling store owners to reuse existing SD analog cabling while upgrading the fidelity of their live and recorded video streams. Envysion’s support of HD Analog, SD Analog, and IP systems gives restaurant and retail store owners/operators the ability to choose the video and audio quality that meets the needs of their business, providing maximum flexibility to use cameras from any leading vendor without breaking the bank.

“Secure, accessible systems are crucial for any well-run business. With this enhanced hardware support from Envysion’s industry-leading solution, organizations can access more powerful and better surveillance tools than they’ve had in the past, while keeping investment costs low,” says Calvin Quan, CEO of Envysion. “Whether they’re using IP or HD Analog camera systems, we’re proud to help them protect their employees and assets with agile, intuitive managed video solutions that can grow with them for years to come.”

To learn more about how you can support any analog, HD analog, or IP camera for your business, visit envysion.com/products/envysion-video or call for a free consultation.


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