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7 Reasons Your Video Security System is Letting You Down

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Quick Service Restaurant’s Video Security?

Are you getting the most out of your restaurant’s video surveillance system? Many quick service restaurant owners could be surprised to find that their video security systems are missing the mark on their potential. It could be as simple as having to endure grainy, low quality videos, but the consequences of an outdated system have far-reaching consequences. 

  1. Your video surveillance system doesn’t link up to your POS system
    This one is a big letdown, because nowadays video can be easily connected with business data, including POS (point of sale) data. Monitor cashiers, detect check fraud, and more with a video system that links up to your POS system. Video should save you time and money by linking up to other important technology within your business.
  2. You can’t access your video remotely
    Old-fashioned closed circuit TVs record hours, days and years worth of video. That sounds like a good thing, right? Well, only if you can easily access that footage. If you have to visit the system’s location to retrieve your video it’s high time for an upgrade. Newer systems save time and money by having all of your video data stored on the cloud, enabling you to access it from anywhere.
  3. You don’t have enough cameras to capture important details
    Does your quick service restaurant monitor all of the areas you’d like to keep an eye on? Monitoring the cash register is important, but let’s not forget about the drive-through area, parking lot, dining area, and more. Having regular “eyes” on these areas can help you gain important business insights and monitor safety within your restaurant.
  4. Your current video security system doesn’t have intelligent analytics
    As technology becomes stronger and more robust it’s becoming possible for video surveillance systems to analyze and even make predictions based on what they’re seeing. For example, Envysion offers video analytics including people counting, path analysis, customer detection, and more. New features are always being explored and these offerings are only going to become increasingly useful for restaurant owners.
  5. Each restaurant location has it’s own unique video surveillance system
    If you own multiple restaurants, are they all on the same security page? Updating each location with the same system makes it much easier to access and gain insight from your surveillance data. It makes it easier for staff, too. If a manager is visiting a different location they’ll already know how to operate the restaurant’s technology.
  6. Your video quality is low
    If you’ve been suffering through low quality, blurry, or grainy video footage for years, you should know that there’s no need to settle for less than high-quality, crisp video. New surveillance systems are capable of delivering clear feeds that won’t have you squinting as you review footage. Low quality video is one of the surest signs of an outdated video surveillance system.
  7. You have to watch hours and hours of footage to “search” for an event
    Manually searching through video footage should be a distant memory. If your video surveillance system can’t turn hours of footage into searchable and actionable information, then it’s letting you down. Being able to search by date and time, POS transaction data, or a specific motion is an invaluable tool.