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Better Safe Than Sorry: The Four Biggest Safety and Security Issues

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

It’s been famously said that you can’t see the solution until you see the problem. Most safety and security problems in retail, restaurants and hospitality occur because you or your managers simply aren’t looking. An open back door, a wet floor or an unattended pricing gun, for example, can lead to robbery, lawsuits and eroding profit margins. Let’s take a closer look at four of the key safety and security problems and how modern video technology offers a proven, cost-effective solution. 

Physical security

Creating a secure environment using video technology not only protects your employees but your profitability as well. A single careless moment such as an open back door, a supplier left unattended in a room full of inventory or an open showcase can endanger employees and encourage theft. Intelligent video offers the ability to not only monitor every corner of your environment, but also to provide critical forensic evidence in the event of criminal charges and lawsuits.

Fraud and theft

Vigilance is the father of loss prevention. Video intelligence, when integrated with point-of-sale systems, is the key tool in your fight against theft and fraud. By linking high-risk behavior such as cash refunds, voids and no-sale rings to video synced with associated transactions, you have the proof you need to take swift, appropriate action. Exception reporting and exception alerts can bring these issues to light and stop them in their tracks. 


The customer is always right…unless, of course, that customer has larceny on his or her mind. When it is estimated that almost 40% of shrinkage is due to shoplifting, and the cost to the public is in the tens of billions of dollars annually, it’s time to take your store back from the sticky-fingered few. Shoplifters look for low risk environments to do their dirty work. By creating an environment where surveillance is a visible deterrent, you can create a safer, more profitable environment as well as gain access to the forensic evidence to bring thieves to justice.

Natural and manmade disasters

We live in volatile times. From nature’s whims to acts of terrorism, expecting the unexpected is just plain smart. Video can be a trigger for alerting first responders and in the aftermath of a disaster, it can provide forensic evidence that can speed insurance claims and minimize litigation.  

At Envysion, we’ve taken video technology beyond surveillance to providing a holistic view of your operations—from food preparation to back-of-house monitoring, from exception reporting to inventory management. Visit our case studies page and see how restaurants like Hardee’s, Chipotle, KFC and more, as well as retailers like Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply, 4G Wireless and AT&T Portables have seen the problem and found the solution with Envysion video intelligence solutions and services.