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Measure How Your Customer Experiences Your Brand

By July 26, 2016 No Comments
It’s tough to keep track of what’s happening at every store. What if you could get reports that told you how well each store was operating? That could identify if there are any concerns around customer experience or fraud? It may be time to think about customizing exception reports and looking at professional Audit Services…

Top 10 Audits for Restaurant and Retail Businesses to Consider:


  1. Cleanliness. What does a customer see when they walk in the door? Is it clean and neat? Are your products presented in an orderly fashion? If the front of the store is in disarray what can they assume about the places they cannot see? What does that say about your brand?
  2. Trash Receptacles. Keeping up with the day-to-day operations shows organization and stability. Beyond keeping the place clean—you need to keep the trash emptied. Over flowing trash says “we don’t have enough time to keep up”.
  3. Table Wipe-down. How quickly do your tables get wiped down? It’s a poor customer experience to sit down at a dirty table.
  4. Uniform Compliance. Employees represent your brand with every interaction. Wearing the proper uniform gives customers assurance that they can expect your brand promises with every interaction.

Exception Reporting

  1. Cash Refunds. Cash refunds are one of the riskiest transactions at the point of sale. What actually happens during those transactions? Are customers actually present?
  2. Void Activity. Voided/Cancelled/Deleted transactions pose a high risk of fraud and human error. Keeping tabs on which employees have a high volume of these transactions guides you to those who may need coaching or have fraudulent transactions.
  3. Discount Compliance. What are your policies around coupons and discounts? Do your employees understand your policy? Non-sanctioned use of discounts is a very easy way for employees to perform a “sweetheart” deal.

Wireless Specific

  1. No Accessories. Best practice in sales often includes cross-selling high-margin items. A sale without adding on any accessories may uncover opportunities for coaching sales associates.
  2. Ghosting.Typically customers will only activate one phone at a time. It is smart to review sales where two phones are activated at the same time. Keeping an eye on uncommon transactions can reduce fraud and save money.


  1. Backdoor Review. Who is coming in and out of the back door? Are they following the proper procedures to lock up? Are they adhering to policy and not using the backdoor after dark?