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Technology and the Restaurant Dining Experience

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Restaurant Owners Can Use Technology to Increase Profits

Turning a profit in the restaurant business can be a tricky endeavor, to say the least. But many restaurants are beginning to build technology into their dining experiences in an effort to create happier customers and bigger profits. From menus displayed on tablets to seamless online ordering, tech can change the way customers experience restaurants. But, can technology have a positive impact on experience, and the bottom line in your restaurant?

Learn more about the implications of new technology to determine whether you should bring some of it into your own restaurant.

Create More Satisfied Customers with Tech

To make your customers’ lives easier you can implement a variety of technology solutions to help them make a reservation, place an online order, and more.

Forbes detailed 10 ways that technology will rock customers’ dining experiences, and many of their reasons detail applications that make the lives of your diners easier and more efficient. Online ordering and delivery, touchscreen kiosks for order customization, and tablets that can take and place orders right from the table are only a few of the ways that restaurants are using technology.

Does your busy restaurant often have long wait times during peak hours? Keep guests entertained with games. For example, select McDonald’s locations are considering offering games for kids to play while they wait for food. You don’t have to project games onto the floor like some sources are suggesting McDonald’s might do, but you can offer games on tablets to keep younger patrons busy. Plus, parents will love knowing that their kids will stay entertained, and they’ll likely return again and again. It’s a new and exciting take on the classic coloring book and crayons.


Using video surveillance to boost operations

Video can give you a birds-eye view of how your restaurant operates, from the moment prep begins for the day right up to closing… and everything in between. The detailed data that restaurant owners receive from video can be used to determine staffing needs, identify inefficiencies, reward excellent employee behavior, and more.

Websites and apps can help restaurant owners

Utilizing technology in the foodservice industry isn’t just about tablets. There also are a number of websites and apps designed to help restaurant owners hire hardworking staff, find local ingredients, manage finances, and more.

Food Tech Connect suggests the following:

     Culinary Agents and Easy Pairings, for locating talent

     FarmersWeb and Sourcery, for finding local ingredients

     Swipely, for seeing which menu items make the most money

Perhaps not surprisingly, these websites are only a small sampling of what’s available. To increase profit and make operations run smoother than ever, these types of technology solutions are worth investigating.