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Einstein Noah Restaurant Group: gaining data-driven video intelligence from every transaction.

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Einstein Noah Restaurant Group was initially looking for a way to mitigate security issues—but recognized the potential of the Envysion solution to provide full transparency into every transaction. With around 450 restaurants, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group is the largest operator of bagel bakeries in the United States. The company’s success had led to a set of challenges that were common to many mid-to large-sized QSR organizations.

Kevin Milner, director of audit services for Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, says “Prior to Envysion, we were not data-driven at all in terms of trying to identify where there was inappropriate activity, training issues, whatever, that may have come up.” The organization’s lack of ability to discern between theft and simple coaching opportunities was a primary challenge.


Einstein Noah Restaurant Group instantly recognized the value that Envysion brought to the table—data-driven video intelligence. With full visibility into every store, fully integrated with their POS data, they are provided full transparency into every transaction. “What we have now is cameras in every one of our 450 locations. And it’s a web-based system delivered through the cloud, and we can access it any time we want, from nearly anywhere,” says Milner. Because Envysion can leverage the cloud to deliver footage to nearly any Internet-enabled device in the world, travel costs were instantly minimized while the ability to gain insights into the situation were maximized.

The surprising element for Einstein Noah Restaurant Group was the peripheral benefits that quickly became of primary interest. Beyond security, Envysion provided the management team with data-driven video intelligence of every other aspect of their business. According to Milner, “We look at a number of things. Are we temping our food according with our policies and we were looking at things like hand sanitation. Are we washing our hands and wearing gloves when we should? Are we maintaining a clean cutting board? Are we maintaining a clean sandwich line?”

Ultimately, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group realized that Envysion—far beyond a mere security solution—was enabling them to provide a safe, delicious product along with the right level of experience to their guests—every location, every transaction.