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Fun and Unique Quick Service Restaurant Summer Promotions

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Summer QSR Promotions For Your Business

If you’re wondering how to keep your sales hot, especially while the temperatures rise, consider doing a summer promotion for your quick service restaurant.

Here are some fun and inventive summer promotions that you can use to promote your quick service restaurant. However, this list is hardly exhaustive! Keep reading for our favorite tips and ideas and then brainstorm some of your own. Before you know it, your restaurant will be filled with happy diners.

Use social media for your QSR promotions

If you have a loyal fan base on social media, why not share some of the love with your customers? The best thing about social media is that you can tailor your promotion to your particular restaurant quite easily:

  • Offer a percentage off kids’ meals if a parent posts a photo of the family doing something summertime-related, like camping;
  • Hold Facebook contests for free or discounted meals. Have customers answer a question, caption a photo, or whatever else makes sense for your particular promotion and business;
  • Have diners post photos of their meals, using a related hashtag, for the chance to win a gift card, free meal, or other prize.

If you don’t have a large social media presence, don’t worry! There are many other ways to run a successful summer promotion.

Get creative with giveaways

You’re probably familiar with the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion that occurs each year. It’s widely popular, and patrons love it. Could you do something similarly creative for your own quick service restaurant?

Adding a special scratch off sticker to each meal that gives the buyer a free drink, food item, or cash prize is one way to get creative with giveaways… and it certainly seems to be working for some quick service restaurants. You don’t have to give away a car or rely on the use of a specially-developed mobile app, like Church’s Chicken and Coca Cola are doing, but spend some time thinking about ways to entice your customers to frequent your restaurant. 

Make more money with limited time offers

The limited time offer, or the LTO, is a tried-and-true promotion technique. Simply include menu items on your summer menu that aren’t available during other times of the year. This has worked out spectacularly well for chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, and with some research, it can work well for you.

From knowing your “brand’s story” to ensuring that the LTO fits in with your overall marketing scheme, developing a limited time offer is a project that should be started well before the summer season begins. Your goal should be to make guests excited for the return of some of their favorite foods that they can’t get year-round.

Offer special pricing for add-ons

In the summer of 2015, The Krystal Company has decided to run a “Add a Pup for $0.99,” where customers can add on a 99 cent hot dog to any combo meal.

According to Alice Crowder, vice president of marketing for the company, “Our bite-size Pups are the perfect summer treat.” Does your quick service restaurant serve a snack or food item that’s all about summer? Consider doing an add-on promotion. This can not only work well for hot dogs, but also ice cream, other frozen treats, cold drinks, and more.