For most QSR owners and operators, the loss prevention and workforce retention struggle is all too real. Between theft, loss, false legal claims, high turnover, and fierce competition for employees and customers—boosting profits and ensuring a great customer experience may seem like an insurmountable task.

For most franchisees, video surveillance is already a key part of ensuring security and monitoring operations. They rely on video to identify theft and fraud, and as a means of capturing crucial evidence in HR and legal incidents. It helps keeps stores and employees safe, and it’s an indispensable asset if they ever need to refute a false insurance claim.

But many store owners feel confined by their current surveillance systems because they rely on antiquated hardware or software, lack integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems, or require far too much time and effort to manage effectively to maximize their return on investment.

The QSR landscape is more competitive—for talent and for customers—than ever. Costs are higher, margins are slimmer, and threats to the business come in many forms and from all angles. There’s little room for error and being locked into antiquated loss prevention tools with limitations and numerous blind spots is a surefire way to fall behind.

Fortunately, there are new intelligent video solutions that incorporate tools like HD video, analytics, and auditing services to root out suspicious transactions, proactively combat theft and fraud, and improve employee training to help attract and retain the best talent. Enterprising store owners eager to remain competitive or gain an edge are increasingly turning to managed video solutions to gain greater insights about store cleanliness, compliance with food safety protocols, and wait times.

They want foolproof and easy-to-use systems for measuring the effectiveness of upsell, cross-sell, and in-store promotions and other crucial operations for improving the customer experience—all done across multiple locations and in real time. And now they can have it.

The High Price of Outdated Systems

Video surveillance has been around for years, but are neither easy nor cheap to replace as they age. So it’s no wonder that many franchise owners are still using outdated and underpowered video surveillance systems to protect their businesses.

Many older systems are closed off, unable to integrate with new cloud-based systems or other tools that would otherwise make it easier to gain an accurate, 360-degree view of a business’s operations. These systems are also susceptible to outages and downtime, leaving owners and operators blind to risk. When it comes to security, an unreliable system is hardly better than no system at all.

Worse, outdated systems are both time-consuming and costly to manage, cutting significantly into the bottom line. For example, when an incident is captured, store owners and managers must pore over hundreds of hours of footage just to find the single two-minute transaction in question. If it’s an on-premise system, operators have to travel to the store to review video on site, wasting time and resources that could be otherwise used to improve in-store experiences that increase sales and customer loyalty.

For many, the seemingly “low cost”surveillance system they purchased a while ago has become an albatross on their business, proving to be far more costly than anyone could have imagined.

Managed Video: Cost-Effective, Efficient, and easy to use

Integrated managed video solutions are a far cry from yesterday’s antiquated surveillance tools because they empower QSR owners and operators to strengthen their loss prevention efforts and reassert more control over their businesses—all while requiring less time, effort, and capital.

Today’s managed video software platforms are cloud-based systems that work seamlessly with existing hardware, including standard analog, HD analog, and IP cameras. More importantly, these solutions feature easy-to-use applications that can be accessed from anywhere via any web-ready device, enabling store leaders to watch live and recorded video and audio streams across multiple cameras and locations.  These solutions help owners and operators reduce the time required to arrive at firm conclusions and take action with easy to use clip, save, and share features.

Access to live and recorded video from multiple camera views and locations creates end-to-end visibility across the entire business Features like motion search and advanced filtering make it simple to locate a specific interaction in the video stream, saving countless hours of hunting through recorded video. Beyond remote video access, managed video solutions also include deep-dive analytics capabilities that, when combined with exception-based reporting tools, provide side-by-side views of both the transaction receipt and recorded video, making it easier to detect and verify fraudulent or inappropriate transactions.

But these solutions are more than mere loss prevention tools, they’re also essential assets for proactively monitoring employee performance, customer behaviors, and operational efficiency. Store managers can use video streams to easily monitor store cleanliness, line wait time, and food safety to uncover additional training or coaching opportunities—and do it all from one unified, centralized view.


Meet Envysion

Envysion combines cutting-edge video monitoring and analytics with reliable, professional support and in-depth audit services. Envysion’s Managed Video Solution is compatible with a range of standard analog, HD analog, and IP cameras, providing QSR owners and operators with flexibility high definition options.

The solution also includes a comprehensive suite of analytics tools and an intuitive interface, making it easy to gain important insights about every aspect of the business. And with Envysion’s Audit Programs, restaurant leaders have anytime access from any device to a range of deep-dive reports and insights delivered by a team of experts that substantially reduce loss, improve performance in targeted stores, and create a culture of accountability across an organization.

Ready to quit fumbling through stacks of reports and turn insights into action? Contact us today to learn how managed video  can transform your operations by reducing loss and improving store performance. Contact us at 877.258.9441 or visit www.envysion.com for more information.