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How Video Analytics are Similar to Watching Game Film

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Top coaches in virtually every sport already understand it’s tremendous value, and they know it’s the best way to analyze their team’s strengths and weaknesses. And now, thanks to video analytics, you can reap the same game-changing benefits in your quick service restaurant.

By utilizing video analytics you gain access to a wealth of useful business information, just like a football or basketball coach. You can pinpoint inefficiencies, see which employees are the most effective team members, understand your customers and their buying habits, and more. Here’s how video analytics are similar to watching game film.

Assess how each “player” performs their job

After a game, coaches pore over game film to analyze each player’s performance. They’ll assess how well an individual played, but they’ll also take a look at the whole team’s performance.

Your video analytics allow you to do the same for your restaurant. Measure employee performance to see who’s going above and beyond, who has been slacking on the job, and which employees work best together as a team. Then, use the footage as a teaching tool, just like a coach would.

Scope out the “competition” with video analytics

Top coaches don’t just focus on their own players when reviewing game film — win or lose, they also spend a substantial amount of time looking at how the competition played. They can’t control how the opposing team plays, but they can learn how their strategies work. While your customers definitely shouldn’t be viewed as competition to take down, similar principles apply. The game film from your video analytics will give you a comprehensive look into your restaurant, allowing you to see traffic patterns, wait times, purchasing behaviors, and other useful customer information.

Spend some time watching how your customers interact with your store and it’s employees. You might find that long lines are causing customers to leave before they get a chance to order, or that they often take an unnecessarily long route to get to the register. All of this information can help you improve operations so that your restaurant “wins” the game, each and every time.

Powerful analytics in video intelligence and game film

Restaurants, cinemas, retail stores, and other places of business have tapped into the power of video-driven analytics. Savvy business owners and managers know that game film is incredibly useful, but it’s the data that truly breathes life into the footage.

Similarly, sports coaches are increasingly able to get helpful data from their own game footage, without having to spend endless hours re-watching clips. Like a coach, you can gain access to helpful reports and useful metrics that help your storefront perform better. Running a restaurant and running a sports team aren’t all that different after all.