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Top 8 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Video Driven Analytics

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Identify Inefficiencies in Daily Operations with Data from Video

Video driven analytics is an excellent way to increase profits and improve operating procedures in any restaurant. The data gathered from video can help reduce theft, compare employee performance, monitor daily prep, turn tables over faster, and more. Your restaurant could benefit tremendously from video intelligence, and here’s why.

1. Reduce theft

Unfortunately, patron and employee theft is among one of the top concerns for restaurant owners. A video surveillance system allows you to see what’s happening behind the scenes, and a well-placed camera can even help to prevent the “dine and dash” scenarios that sometimes occur.

Fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle was able to greatly reduce internal theft and cash mishandling using video surveillance, and their profits increased as a result.

2. Eliminate long lines and waiting times

Do you think that your restaurant might need more staff during peak hours, but you’re not completely confident? With the metrics from video footage you can monitor peak times, and you can add more employees as needed to move customers through your restaurant. On the opposite end, video data can also show you when staffing levels are too high.

3. Create customized reports by location, employee, and more

If you’re in charge of a chain of restaurants you can’t possibly monitor all of them at once, and that’s where video data comes into play. With the data that video will give you, you can create customized reports by location, employee, and more. You’ll be able to easily see unique patterns at every restaurant, including key performance metrics.

4. Review store maintenance and daily prep across several locations

With video surveillance and the associated metrics, managers can easily make sure that their employees are maintaining their storefronts adequately. Additionally, they can be confident that daily prep is being handled correctly before the first customer is served.

And, they never even have to leave their offices, because everything can be accessed online via the cloud.

5. Recognize and reward employee behavior

Video surveillance isn’t just about catching the bad things that happen in a restaurant. Bernie Quintero, who operates 10 KFC locations in Florida, wanted to use Envysion’s video and audio services to limit theft and fraud, but he was also able to “directly impact employee behavior through recognition and positive feedback.” When team members feel valued, they’re far more likely to continue with their excellent performances.

6. Know the truth about customer and employee claims

When a customer complains, we want to believe they’re right. However, the customer isn’t always right, and video intelligence solutions let restaurant owners and operators review video and audio files of customer, employee, and insurance incidents to find the truth. The footage and sound will either prove that a claim is correct, or the data will refute it. Now you can know, with 100% accuracy, whether a situation is true or false.

7. Focus on the most relevant transactions

Fast-food chain El Pollo Loco wanted to use video surveillance to identify which transactions were most relevant. The outcome was that they could use their reports to focus their attention on specific transactions. For example, with video analytics, managers can see whether employees are ringing up cash transactions properly. If they aren’t, it’s extremely easy to solve the problem.

8. Video is easily scalable

Getting a video surveillance system up and running isn’t as technologically difficult as it might seem, and it’s easy to add additional hardware when necessary. With a service like Envysion’s, there won’t be any costly and time-intensive software or hardware upgrades, and IT costs are greatly reduced. Because the product is a software as a service (SaaS) product, Envysion handles the system improvements and upgrades. All you have to do is access the data online, and you can run your restaurant better than ever.