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Using Video Analytics to Optimize Your Staffing Rotation

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

Determine Your Staffing Needs With the Help of Powerful Video Surveillance Data

Video surveillance isn’t only about security. Restaurant owners can also use this powerful tool to determine their staffing rotations. Perhaps you already know when your peak times are, and when your restaurant needs more hands on deck to handle the crowds. But, do you know which staff members are better at dealing with a packed house? Alternatively, do you know which employees thrive during quieter times? Video analytics can help you answer these questions, and more, so that you can easily optimize your staffing schedule.

Use Video Data to Gauge Employee Performance

The best video surveillance solutions provider business owners with a variety of useful data, including information on employee sales performance. Video isn’t only about catching the bad things that happen, it’s also about rewarding excellent behavior.

If your employees are tasked with promoting daily specials, for example, you can use your video analytics to see which staff members have sold the most dishes. Using this information, you might choose certain employees with excellent sales skills to work certain shifts, and you can even enlist them to help train other workers. For employees who are lagging behind, video data is a powerful training tool.

Here’s a short list of the things that video analytics can help you determine in your restaurant:

  • How many people enter and exit
  • How long it takes patrons to be served
  • How long customers are seated before they’re asked for their orders, brought drinks, etc.
  • Point of sales data
  • And more!

Then, rank employee performance

Video data will allow you to rank your staff based on their performance. You can rank them by store, by region, and even across the entire country. Chipotle has experienced a great deal of success using video-driven analytics to rank performance. Managers can focus on behavior across a large number of stores, and they can easily see which employees handle peak times most effectively.

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Use Video to Determine Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Again, video surveillance isn’t just for catching theft and enhancing security. Because your video data will give you actionable insights into every facet of your business, it’s never been easier to see where employees shine, and up-selling specials isn’t the only place where this data can be useful.

Perhaps certain employees whip through their daily prep tasks while others struggle to complete everything before opening. The prep all-stars might be better suited for morning shifts, giving employees with stellar people skills the opportunity to take on more shifts during busier times. Conversely, you might find that your employees who rock the dinner rush need that excitement because they don’t thrive during slower times.

Video Surveillance is the Perfect Staffing Tool

If you take the time to study and understand the data that video surveillance provides, you’ll find that filling out your staffing rotation has never been easier. When you’re able to reward excellent performance and schedule staff based on their strengths and weaknesses, you can focus on other important aspects of managing your restaurant business.