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What Does a Quick Service Restaurant Need in a Business Intelligence Solution?

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

The little things matter when it comes to serving fast food in a quick service restaurant (QSR). Time matters to busy people who are just trying to get a hot meal. Price matters to cost-conscious customers who are trying to maximize their incomes. Quality matters to young families who are trying to feed their growing families on the fly. That’s why as a QSR manager or owner, you need a business intelligence solution that gives you the most information about how, why and where people buy your products, experience your restaurant, and tell their friends and family about the process.

What Matters Most

What matters most in most QSR operations is keeping an eye on every penny. That means you need a business intelligence solution that integrates advanced video surveillance with point-of-sale operations as well as video analytics to help you make sense of the data.

Here’s an example where simple video surveillance analysis could help you save money. Let’s say you’re a franchisee who’s simply looking at where you can maximize profits on the cost of food. One of your stores is making sandwiches, but instead of cutting bacon in half and making an X across the sandwich, your employees are using two full pieces of bacon instead of one snapped in half. Another of your restaurants is simply shredding cooked bacon and sprinkling less than an ounce across the top of the sandwich. And here’s the kicker—you can tell from comparing sales across stores that the practice doesn’t make a bit of difference to customers. By equalizing practices across the stores, you decrease your food costs and have a significant impact on your profit margins, proving that video surveillance can help improve training issues and improve your bottom line.

Living in Real Time

Let’s say you’re running a QSR. They’re busy stores with complex traffic patterns and if the site is dated, it might not have the most current layout available. But by putting advanced video surveillance in critical areas throughout the store, you can give your managers access to live data whether they’re walking the floor or doing payroll in the office. Managers can tell, on the fly, how busy the store is, which helps them decide whether to call in additional staff, order more product, or send someone home. With advanced video surveillance combined with video analytics, your managers can also track inventory from loading dock to sale, spot performance issues with specific employees, and tell whether sales promotions are working effectively. Having good, accurate and current information gives your QSRs a competitive edge. Business intelligence that integrates video analytics effectively gives your managers a dashboard on the restaurant, enabling them to drive their business to success.

A Better View

In the simplest terms, a business intelligence solution is any system that helps a QSR transform its raw data into actionable intelligence that helps improve the bottom line. A business intelligence package helps make an organization more data-drive, influences behavior and culture, and improve communication between leadership, employees, and customers.