Amy Boswell, Senior Customer Success Manager

Covid 19 requires businesses to run lean and mean, and this is no exception for the Envysion Customer Success Team. Challenge accepted! Since late Summer of 2020, we have turbocharged our team structure to streamline processes so we can engage more fully with customers. We have identified brand and process SMEs among us, and pooled our talents so that every productive moment possible is redeemed.

The Envysion Customer Success Team finds itself poised at the edge of an amazing opportunity. The scale and scope of the accounts we are asked to support has caused us to scratch our heads and think about best work practices to entice our customers to fall in love with Envysion.  In engaging our solutions, we work alongside our customers to protect bottom lines that are battered by a rapidly-changing business environment. 

Our goal as a team is to create an Envysion-branded CSM. In doing so, we expand brand expertise so that no matter whose name is on an account’s team roster, our customers are confident that their Trusted Adviser is just that – trustworthy. Customers count on us to protect their bottom line and to have additional eyes and ears on their sites and their transactions. We honor that trust by engaging customers in regular communication and subsequent action that optimizes utilization of Envysion products and services. 

With more than 20 years of combined experience on our lean and mean team, we strive to uphold confidence that Envysion is truly your business partner for life.

For more information, contact us at info@envysion.com