A security system is a key element to protecting the assets, employees, products and integrity of a retail operation. Equipment and features are important factors when choosing the best security systems from manufacturers but it’s also important to consider the character of a retail operation. Monitoring and analysis of retail operations that are only open during the day or are safely secured within, for example, a shopping mall, is a fairly easy proposition. But do you have the right equipment to monitor your retail operations after hours?

Here are some of the cutting-edge systems equipped with the latest technology—especially night vision applications—to ensure that security systems keep up with ever-increasing sophistication on the part of potential criminals.

Speco Technologies

Envysion offers several highly capable analog camera models from Speco. The HTINTB8 series is an indoor/outdoor rated bullet-style camera with a vari-focal lens that can be manually focused to zoom in or out as necessary to capture the perfect view.  It also has an incredible ability to amplify any existing light to greatly brighten the overall image.

If you need to see in complete darkness, Speco also has the 627 series with IR illumination up to 65’.  Envysion often employs this model for use inside coolers as it can easily withstand the frigid temperatures.


Hikvision was recently recognized as the number one video surveillance equipment provider in the world.  They have cutting-edge technology combined with a lower than average price point.  Envysion often utilizes model DS-2CD2112-I in retail environments as this IP camera has a 1.3MP image and IR illumination, enabling it to see in complete darkness.  One of these cameras mounted near entry points ensures nighttime visibility to any potential ingress.  They also have the added benefit of being weatherproof and are well-suited to outdoor installations.

Covering a large space, such as a dining room, can be as simple as adding Hikvision’s 3MP virtual PTZ camera to your lineup.  This camera obtains a 360 degree panoramic image which will allow the user to digital zoom in on any portion of the large viewing area.  It also has built-in IR illumination and a microphone, making it one of the most versatile cameras Envysion offers.

Sony Pro

Envysion has successfully implemented Sony IP cameras for years at countless customer locations.  Sony products have always provided industry-leading quality and functionality.  Take for example model DH260, which has a resolution of 3MP, a varifocal lens, IR illumination, and an indoor/outdoor rated mini-dome form.

Envysion offers a variety of Sony products and is sure to have something that will fit the specific needs of your retail environment.

Axis Communications

Axis was one of the very first video companies to specialize in IP technology and has since progressed the industry by its continuous output of award-winning designs.  For example the P3364-LV is vandal-resistant mini-dome camera that has 1MP of resolution, a varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus, IR illumination, and Lightfinder technology. This allows the camera to accurately maintain the color integrity of the image.