The wireless retail industry faces a big challenge: Wireless dealers are increasingly targeted for theft and fraud because their inventory is so valuable. Security for wireless dealers has become critical for stopping theft and protecting profits.

Yet, traditional video surveillance systems just can’t meet the security needs of today’s wireless stores. They require you to travel to each store location to see video clips. Even if you happen to have networked video that you can view remotely, you still have to sift through hours of video just to find a clip from a specific transaction or incident. These limitations make it difficult to use older video surveillance systems for anything other than investigating only the security issues with the largest dollar impact.

What should a wireless dealer do? There’s another option!

Today, video-driven business intelligence technology (video-driven BI technology) transforms security for wireless dealers. It allows a company’s security and loss prevention teams to access video from any store and quickly narrow hours of video down to just the few minutes of interest. No matter what they’re looking for, they can find it faster. As employees become more efficient in incident follow-up, their time is freed to expand their use of video beyond just the highest dollar security issues. Plus, departments other than security can quickly access video for insights on how to improve other areas of the business, like operations and sales techniques.

Did You Know?

5 retail locations with 5 cameras each recording for 12 hours
produces 1 year of video per week!


4G Wireless Improves Wireless Retail Security

Security for Wireless DealersLet’s consider a real-world example. 4G Wireless, a Premium Retailer for Verizon Wireless, has moved beyond traditional video surveillance to modern video-driven BI technology. They’re using Envysion products to improve security and other areas of their business, for example:

  • Reducing theft, break-ins and inventory shrinkage
  • Lowering instances of clock-out and overtime abuse
  • Improving attachments and up-sells
  • Reducing wireless chargebacks
  • Refining employee training
  • Tracking and analyzing store traffic counting and customer conversion data

Here are just a few examples of how 4G Wireless uses Envysion products for security and more:

  • Detecting and researching potential fraud – Their Envysion solution integrates with their POS system, iQmetrix RQ, giving them exception reports and alerts when, for example, a suspicious transaction takes place, and allowing them to click to the specific video of that transaction for more details. Their security and loss prevention teams can access reports and video of any store from anywhere, making the teams more efficient, and giving them more time to investigate an increasing number of various types of fraud and theft.
  • Identifying what makes a great sale – 4G Wireless managers view reports of strong sales, and then watch video of those specific transactions to determine the sales associates’ techniques that resulted in great sales. These videos are then used for employee training and to improve sales processes.
  • Gaining visibility into store-level operations – Managers in the company’s main office use Envysion solutions for remote access to reports and video for each of their stores. This gives them visibility into what’s happening at each store – without having to travel to each location. This visibility allows them to find ways to make improvements in company policies, employee training, and operational efficiencies.

As thieves continue to target wireless stores, security for wireless dealers becomes increasingly critical. The wireless retail industry can take a cue from 4G Wireless to protect their business. By adopting modern video-driven BI technology, 4G Wireless has tools to not only reduce theft and break-ins, but also to make improvements across their entire company.