Every wireless dealer knows the score—the more you sell, the more revenue you generate, and the more likely you are to turn a profit. This is especially true this time of year when holiday sales represent up to 30% of yearly earnings (Source: NRF).

Upselling phone accessories is also an easy way for you to improve customer experience. The last thing a consumer wants to realize driving away from your store is that they forgot to purchase a car charger or protective screen with their new phone. The absolute last thing you want is for that consumer to make that purchase at another store.

But even the best employee training for wireless is limited in its ability to encourage employees to follow the steps necessary for your stores to move more product. It’s not just about employees knowing what to do or how to do it—it’s about your management team being positioned to ensure that the right actions are being taken, each and every transaction. In a typical wireless store, that means having a manager physically present around the clock—something that’s simply not feasible (and something that would take its own toll on your profit margins).

So how does a forward-thinking, innovative wireless retailer approach this common challenge? The management team at 4G Wireless was asking this very question. They were looking for a cost-effective, time-efficient way of working with less-experienced sales reps to help optimize their approach to sales interactions with customers. They decided their best option was a video-driven business intelligence solution offered by Envysion.

The Envysion solution offers point of sale integration, which provides store managers and owners with more than just grainy video—they get hi-definition video and audio synced with every keystroke into every register transaction. This allows them to gain a fully integrated view into exactly what happened during every transaction.

Rob Metzger, Director of Sales Operations and Business Development, shared his perspective. “We’re able to stop employees from making errors, which cost us thousands of dollars—or that cost us customers, which translates to thousands of dollars. By helping close just a couple of sales or mitigating a couple of security issues, Envysion pays for itself in each store.”

The video-as-a-service solution is delivered via the cloud and can be accessed via nearly any internet-enabled device, including tablets, PCs and even mobile phones. According to Attique Rasheed, head of training and operations for ATT Portables, “We used to pick a store and spend most of our day there. Now with the Envysion System we have the ability to be at all of our locations within seconds—and it’s real time.”

According to Rasheed, the benefits of this analytics-driven aspect of Envysion have extended beyond just employee behavior. “It helps us maximize every foot of floor space, which is really helpful when it comes to moving accessories and other high-margin items.” Rasheed adds that Envysion has had a clear, measurable impact on the employee culture as well. “It’s made our sales people more aware of their surroundings and they know how important it is to behave in the appropriate manner, to conduct themselves and engage customers in the way they know they should.”