Cut Costs by (Almost) Eliminating Product Returns

It’d be wonderful if your customers were always 100% satisfied with their purchases from your wireless store. Unfortunately, there will be times when a shopper chooses to return an item that they’ve purchased.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways prevent large scale returns. From educating the customer to educating your employees, and everything in between, here’s how you can reduce returns at your wireless store.

First, educate employees

If you want your customers to walk out of your store with the products that fit their needs flawlessly you’ll need to have a team of educated employees to assist customers in making their purchasing decisions. That means your employees must be up-to-date on the latest wireless offerings and trends so that they can advise customers appropriately.

Emphasize the importance of listening to the customer and removing personal bias from the scenario. For example, just because an employee loves their iPhone, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for every customer.

Next, educate customers

Once your employees are fully educated it’s time to put their knowledge to work by educating customers. Listening is the most important part of this process, so be hyper-aware of what the customer is looking for and find out what features and functionalities are most important to them. Do they want a great camera? Is easily sending emails from their phone or tablet important? Are they overwhelmed by complicated features? Ask questions and listen to the answers to arrive at the ideal product recommendation.

The goal is to ensure that the customer walks away with the right product the very first time.

Get feedback from customers who are making returns

Whenever a customer does make a return it’s vital that you understand the why behind the return. Did the device or product not meet expectations? Was it incompatible with other technology they already own? Once you understand their reasons you’ll be able to work on identifying specific solutions that reduce your product return rates.

Price matching can reduce returns

If a customer finds a better price elsewhere they’re more likely to return the items that they purchased from your wireless store. A price matching program is one great way to encourage customers to continue shopping with you. Simply ask the customer to show you the ad with the lower price and then refund the difference. It’s not ideal, but it’s likely better than losing a sale.

You can also monitor the deals and promotions of other wireless stores in your area, and plan your own sales accordingly.

Determine which products have the highest return rates

Do certain products get returned more frequently than others? To answer this question you’ll want to analyze all of your store’s latest returns. Make a list of what’s been returned and then analyze whether certain products get returned more frequently than others, and why they’re returned more often.

Another factor to consider is who sold the customer a returned item. Determine whether returns are more likely when a customer works with a particular employee. If you notice a pattern then you know that you need to return to step one: employee education.